Jason Boche, VCDX #34

Jason Boche, VCDX #34, talks about how earning VMware certification has benefited his career and provides advice for others considering certification.

VCDX Data Center Virtualization, VCP - Data Center Virtualization, VCAP Data Center Administration, VCAP Data Center Design

How has being VMware certified benefited you and your company?
I am a trusted advisor for my organization’s customers. I bring my VMware expertise to the table by talking with customers and groups of all sizes about VMware and storage related solutions for current and future datacenter challenges. In the past several years, I have transitioned from administrative, operational, and design roles in large vSphere enterprise environments over to a consultative role on the partner side which encompasses all of my skills. The knowledge and certifications have fueled my confidence in all roles, while also inspiring me to pursue other interests, such as blogging and book projects.

How did you prepare for your certification?
I’ve read a lot of books, had a lot of hands on experience in lab and production environments, in some cases studied with groups of others and read study guides and other related materials.

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